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1. Application Scope





The SMD jumper cable is used to connect in between board to board,It is packaged in tape-reel,all pick and place processes by SMD automatic placement machine,apply to the reflow soldering for surface mount interconnect(SMI) ;small size,vibration-proof reliability,excellent flexibility and high temperature resistance.


2.Tape-reel packing



3.Assembly Picture
board to board interconnection 90 degrees board to board interconnection

180 degrees board to board interconnection



4.The specification of SMD jumper cable

   4.1 Pitch:0.5mm,0.93mm(For other pitch,can be customized)

    4.2 Number of conductor:8 to 50pins(0.5mm pitch),4 to 50pins(0.93mm pitch)

    4.3 The total length of SMD jumper cable:8.5mm,12mm,15.2mm,25.4mm

         (For other length,can be customized)

    4.4 Insulation materials:Nomex,Kapton(Polyimide),these insulation materials are derived from USA Dupont Inc.

    4.5 Conductor material:Tin plated copper wire






SMD jumper cable.pdf(1.81MB)



5.The characteristic of finished products



0.5mm 0.93mm
Wire Gauge 30AWG 28AWG
Min. Bend Radius 1mm 1mm
Current Rating 1.0A 1.5A
Voltage Rating 200V 200V
Min. Breakdown Voltage at 1 min. 1000V 1000V
Insulation Resistance(at DC500V) Nomex 2×1012Ω 2×1012Ω
Kapton 2×1012Ω 2×1012Ω

Application Temperature Range

(For reflow Soldering)

Nomex 300/60sec 300/60sec
Kapton 300/60sec 300/60sec
Operating Temperature Nomex -40℃ to +125 --40℃ to +125
Kapton -40℃ to +150℃ -40℃ to +150

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